A mis chingones y chingonas

Joshua Tree

Bad Hombre Cannabis is a lifestyle and apparel brand born in California in 2020... with roots further down south.

For us, Bad Hombre is not a slur. It’s a badge of honor. 

It’s being CHINGÓN... 

You see, the best part of this land is that everyone gets a shot at making it.  


And with honest, HARD HUSTLE, enjoy a better life for our families. 

No matter where you come from — or what they call you.

Here, if you want it BAD enough, you know you’re gonna get it. It's the dream, fam.

This we believe: 

Family is #1. Hustle hard, fair, and square. No BS. 

Flip the bird to the bigots. Flip the narrative.  Here's a call for the Bad Hombre everyone has inside.